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Aristophanic Socrates

Calling all Classics enthusiasts. I am currently researching the 'Socrates character' in Aristopanes' Clouds in relation to Plato's and Xenophon's versions for a 10,000 word paper. I have been bouncing ideas around my had as for a title for days now and seem to be getting nowhere fast! I am particularly interested in the phusis / nomos argument, the debate between "Right" and "Anti-Right", Pheidippides and Strepsiades and the relation of all of this to Aristophanes' view of Socrates, or at least the caricature of him he desires to create.

So far I have thought along the lines of "Clouds: Aristophanic anti-Socratic propaganda?" which leaves ample scope for discussion in all directions.

If anybody has any view on the whole issue I would love to hear from you,

Have fun!

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