Prickly Partisan (pricklypartisan) wrote in martha_nussbaum,
Prickly Partisan

A royal welcome to all from the community czar

It is heartening to see that martha_nussbaum has already been honored with calling cards and tributes from Nussbaum enthusiasts, even though the moderator has been a bit late in addressing members with a proper greeting. (The official duties of procrastination are very serious and cannot be frivolously dismissed. Discharging these duties has been keeping me very busy in recent weeks).

Do jump in with gusto (in the tradition of our inaugural poster daskalidi) to relish, discuss, analyze, interrogate (maybe even devastatingly refute) the work of Martha C. Nussbaum, whether the subject be her contributions to philosophy, classical Greek, academic warfare, or running marathons. The world of Nussbaum’s ideas can be reached and explored through many different disciplinary paths. This community has been established to gather different travelers together for exchanging observations and advice.

On a more personal note, my attention is currently fastened upon her defense and exposition of the case for ethical criticism in literature. Literary devices are not just aesthetic, morally inert forms but actually serve to educate the reader in developing empathetic knowledge of Others. Moral dimensions can't credibly be erased or displaced from inquiries into the aesthetic properties of a text. After skimming through Poetic Justice, Love’s Knowledge, and Upheavals of Thought (not to mention the entertaining debate in the journal Philosophy and Literature in which she co-starred with Wayne Booth and Richard Posner), I am re-reading some of the prose fictions which Nussbaum examines in the essays published in those volumes. Nussbaum's literary interpretations make fascinating and riveting reading in themselves, but it would be rewarding to move on to the rest of her oeuvre (in particular her collaborative efforts with Amartya Sen on social development in the Third World) some time soon.
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