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martha_nussbaum's Journal

Martha Nussbaum
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activism, allan bloom, altruism, amartya sen, aristotle, aufklarung, autonomy, capabilities approach, cass sunstein, cicero, citizenship, civic participation, civil rights, classics, cognition, compassion, constitutional law, contemplation, contemporary philosophers, cosmopolitanism, crossdisciplinary studies, cultural relativism, dante, democracy, desire, dialogue, disgust, drama, emotion, equal opportunity, eros, ethical criticism, ethical imperative, ethics, eudaimonism, examined life, family, feminism, friedrich nietzsche, gender, greek drama, greek philosophy, greek tragedy, grotius, group allegiance, gustav mahler, hannah arendt, hellenism, henry james, homosexuality, human functioning, human relationships, human rights, humanism, i and thou, immanuel kant, india, individualism, intellect, international relations, iris murdoch, james joyce, john rawls, john stuart mill, judaism, judith butler, jurisprudence, justice, kingdom of ends, knowing the other, liberal education, liberal zionism, liberalism, liberty, literary ethics, literature, love, luck, marathons, marcel proust, martha nussbaum, martin buber, memory, michael walzer, moral dilemmas, moral judgments, moral psychology, morality, music, narrative, neo-aristotelianism, obligations, opera, patriotism, philology, philosophy, philosophy and literature, pity, plato, pluralism, poetry, political philosophy, practical ethics, prose fiction, public life, rabindranath tagore, rationality, reading, reason, reciprocity, religion, religious conversion, responsibility, richard posner, richard rorty, rights, seneca, sex, sexual ethics, sexuality, social contract, social development, social justice, socrates, sophocles, spinoza, stephen halliwell, stoicism, substantial freedoms, susan moller okin, theater, theology, tolerance, universalism, university of chicago, values, virginia woolf, virtue ethics, walt whitman, wayne booth